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vrijdag, november 20, 2020 Categories: About Me
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Well doh, Greenland is green 

Picture of covid map with only greenland being green

vrijdag, november 20, 2020 Categories: Leuk
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Hoop is weten dat de wereld voor je open ligt.

Hoop is geloven dat er tot er niets meer over is, er ergens anders nog iets goed bestaat !

Hoop is begrijpen dat je iets kunt veranderen en dat niets onmogelijk is.

Hoop is in staat zijn je voor te stellen dat er uit verdriet en pijn uiteindelijk iets positiefs kan voortkomen en dat niets en niemand hooploos is.

Hoop geeft ieder van ons de moed in het leven te staan en de kracht om door te gaan.

Irma Ombelets (aka oma)

donderdag, september 21, 2017 Categories: Philosophy Quotes
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Enthusiasm is contagious. You can start an epidemic. - Unknown
Don't take candy from strangers. Best security advice ever. - Unknown
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security is mostly a superstition. It does NOT exist in nature. - Unknown
I am a human being NOT a chair ! - Ken
You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else. - FightClub
Give more to people than they can ever give you back and you will be a happy person. - Ken
Life is a joke... better smile ! - Ken
Now you are about to die, what would you wish you'd done before you died ? - FightClub
I want a girl that spends more time on her back than Royce Gracie. - Unknown
Obey, Consume, Conform - Them
donderdag, januari 21, 2016 Categories: Philosophy
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Kenya Ken 

After years of trying to setup a martial arts business and another multiple years of suffering in the ict business.

I finally found my soul.

Today the first version of my very own coffee was launched...

I present you "Kenya Ken" ... of ken je ken voor de vlamingen.


Picture of kenya ken coffee

dinsdag, januari 12, 2016 Categories: About Me
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Anonymous Mask 

Ok, we all know that Guy Fawkes Masks have become viral over the years.

Did you ever wonder who is making a profit on this?

anonymous mask being created in sweatshop

Anyway, here some tricks for making your own mask in paper.

  • Download a template
  • Print it out on the right size of cardboard paper. For most people this is two A4 papers for one mask, but you might need a corporate A3 printer if you have a big head. (irony?)
  • Glue left side together first
  • Glue right side together
  • Create the nose 
  • Put the three pieces together
  • Use lot's of adhesive tape on the inside to make it stronger

Since most people actually never use their mask for anything useful, at least like this you are coherent with the message and had some fun pasting things together.

Enjoy creating your anonymous mask.

Guy fawkes mask in paper both adult and child size

ps: on the coherent note... I realize I have advertisements and even a commercial from Diesel on my site.

Ken wearing a self made guy fawkes mask

Btw, did you know that these advices are being given to top management of companies?

  • Train managers to focus on the "human" aspect, let robots supervise the rest of the work.
  • Let employees wear fitness trackers that can be monitored remotely.
  • Setup policies, so cloud security failures become the customer's fault.

Yes, no need to invest in security just use the same scheme used for credit cards nowadays.

zaterdag, december 12, 2015 Categories: Privacy
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Pixels in clay 

With the release of Pixels the movie, our good old friend pacman is famous again. I doubt if the movie will gain any academical standards, but with Adam Sandler and Kevin James having lead roles I am sure there will be at least some good laughs.

Anyway, all besides the point. I was on 'artistic' holidays and since I am a computer nerd, nothing better than sculpting some video game...

clay figurine of pacman displayed with tools

dinsdag, augustus 18, 2015 Categories: Persoonlijk
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Try harder 

Joke about computer support

dinsdag, november 18, 2014 Categories: Leuk
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Weird experience with ufo 

So, this morning I was on my way to brussels for work. When the guy sitting in front of me pulls his laptop open... puts his headphones on... and starts typing away in kali linux.I understand. This can happen but few second later a woman across grabs some wool and starts knitting. I think well this is pretty unique. Two art forms so many years apart just being practised in every day life only inches apart on a train. But then I notice a beautiful glow about the brussels atomium and surroundings. Woow. What a beginning of the day... until I notice the ufo. Now I am just hoping someone will come and wake me up. Please !

People in train working on computer and knittingBelgie ufo boven atomium

vrijdag, oktober 24, 2014 Categories: Leuk
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Burning fat vs building condition 

After years of good service I decided to buy a new Polar. The previous one had to have battery changes and chest wrap replaced. So I guess it was a good moment to buy a new one. 

Being lazy I ofcourse did not check the specifications of the new Polar but assumed that at least it would have the same functionallity as the one I bought 10 years ago.

Pfff. Wrong. Can't connect is to computer, you need to buy some stuff extra and then it turns out you can still not download your data but have to use some stupid cloud service. Good thing I know something about programming...

Anyway, the watch has an option to set fat burn or fitness heart rate target and this got me wondering.

Do I really burn more fat when running slower?

The short answer is that I do not believe this is the case and I am actually convinced that if you want to burn fat fast you have to run at 80% of your max heart rate (aka intense training) about 3 times a week. (btw. don't believe this max. heart rate by age setting, people are different and I can tell you that in my case it is much higher)

Running slower has the advantage that you can run longer and that will in the end burn more fat (but you need more time). I think most of this misconception comes from the fact that your body indeed uses more fat when running at slow rates as compared to more suger when running faster. But in the end it is about how much calories in total you burn !

If you know more scientific results about this topic, please let me know.

And then here some totally untested tips to loose fat:

  • Run harder the first half of your training and your will burn 23% more then doing the opposite.
  • Running at 80% of your heartbeat for 40 minutes will boost your metabolism for 19 hours.
  • You need 150 minutes of moderate and 75 minutes of intense training to maintain your weight.
  • Maximum one day off, but you can alter the muscles used.
  • Lift weights very slowly.
  • Use dumbelts not machines.
  • Eat portions of less then 600 kcal.
  • Eat 6g of fish oil.
  • Eat 500mg vitamine c.
  • Eat 800mg vitamine d.

Some data:

  • 1km - 269s - 82kcal - avg185 - max193 (intense)
  • 4km - 2283s - 431kcal - avg134 - max144 (slow as I can)
  • same time: 695kcal vs 431kcal
  • same distance: 328kcal vs 431kcal

ps: from where the interest? since I train less it is much harder to keep my weight. It has been bouncing from 73 to 82kg and so I am trying to figure out ways I can keep it stable without having the time to train as much as before.

zondag, juni 15, 2014 Categories: Fitness
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