Anonymous Mask

Ok, we all know that Guy Fawkes Masks have become viral over the years.

Did you ever wonder who is making a profit on this?

anonymous mask being created in sweatshop

Anyway, here some tricks for making your own mask in paper.

  • Download a template
  • Print it out on the right size of cardboard paper. For most people this is two A4 papers for one mask, but you might need a corporate A3 printer if you have a big head. (irony?)
  • Glue left side together first
  • Glue right side together
  • Create the nose 
  • Put the three pieces together
  • Use lot's of adhesive tape on the inside to make it stronger

Since most people actually never use their mask for anything useful, at least like this you are coherent with the message and had some fun pasting things together.

Enjoy creating your anonymous mask.

Guy fawkes mask in paper both adult and child size

ps: on the coherent note... I realize I have advertisements and even a commercial from Diesel on my site.

Ken wearing a self made guy fawkes mask

Btw, did you know that these advices are being given to top management of companies?

  • Train managers to focus on the "human" aspect, let robots supervise the rest of the work.
  • Let employees wear fitness trackers that can be monitored remotely.
  • Setup policies, so cloud security failures become the customer's fault.

Yes, no need to invest in security just use the same scheme used for credit cards nowadays.

zaterdag, december 12, 2015 Categories: Privacy
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