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BJJ and MMA in Malta 

When I first start checking around for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in Malta, all I could find were mainly Kung-Fu, Karate or other traditional martial arts schools. When talking to people, I realized that the common knowledge about BJJ is in Malta comparable with what we experienced some years ago in Belgium. Most of older people thinks that fighting sports are about karate while younger believe that the toughest martial arts are kick- or Thai boxing.

Somehow it seems that the whole mixed martial arts revolution still didn't kick in. I started surfing the net looking for some BJJ schools in Malta. Soon I found the club of Keith Darmanin. He comes from a classical jiu-jitsu and being into judo for some time, decided to open his own BJJ school in Malta. Furthermore, he and his students joined the European Championships for some years and did really well.

Time for me to go over and train there a bit. As usual BJJ served as an instant friends glue. People with different backgrounds and different ages all train together in a nice atmosphere. Not long ago I wrote about how many schools neglect the basics of BJJ, which is not the case here. Good basic on guard retention and rolling. A pattern is emerging. It seems that small schools have a tendency to "grow" their students simultaneously and emphases the basics much more than in big schools, where the higher belts spend their time mainly with the higher belts and neglect the beginners and sometimes even the intermediate students.

Somehow Keith reminded me so much about myself. I have been there, starting a school from scratch, with almost no publicity or knowledge of the general population about it. Having to be there every single class to keep people motivated. It can be hard sometimes, but it is also very rewarding. Every time I am in Belgium walking in the school I built, I am truly impressed. Not only the mat is full of people training jiu-jitsu, but many of them became really good at it. Every of my old students has his own style and some of them became better competitors than I used to be. Amazing.

Here you can find more about BJJ in Malta :

Malta BJJ

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50 Essential oils aka The foundation 

by Ken Van Gilbergen aka Wolverine

While travelling a lot I see that more and more people are starting their brazilian jiu-jitsu game with, what I would call, exotic moves. I am still convinced that even today with all the knowledge ready on the internet, plenty of beginning fighters do not spend enough time on a solid foundation. Therefor I decided to list here the 50 essential techniques everyone should master. Even when in the end we know that it is all about proper hip movement. Check the list and fill your gaps. Today.


1 Jumping guard
2 Double-leg takedown
3 Sprawl


4 Breaking posture
5 Elbow hug sweep -> Kimura
6 Scissor sweep -> Triangle choke of Arbi-bar
7 Pendelum sweep -> Armbar
8 Collar choke
Extras: Brabo choke, Double underhook into rib squeeze, Omoplata

Guard passing

9 Standing up
10 Opening the legs and keeping the hooks out
11 Torienda pass
12 Double underhook pass
13 Shin slide pass
14 Arm weave pass


15 Retention
16 Americana
17 Armbar
18 Collar choke
19 Ezekiel
20 Transition to back

Mount escape

21 Posture
22 Umpa
23 Elbow escape variations


24 Transition to mount
25 Ken-choke -> Near armbar
26 Lapel-choke -> Napoleon choke
27 Far armbar

Sidecontrol escape

28 Turn to knees
29 Goto half-guard

Turtle bottom

30 Sit back in guard -> Sitting guard sweep
31 Gramby roll
32 Turtle top
33 Spin to side and pull into backguard
34 Lasso control -> Mata leao
35 Clock choke


36 Transition to full-guard
37 Wim-sweep
38 Half-mount
39 Passing with the underhook and tripod
40 Christopheke


41 Collar choke
42 Mata leao
43 Ezekiel
44 Back defense
45 Home alone and seal control
46 Escape through heaven
47 Turn to knees into head hunt

Other escapes

48 Keza-gatame escape
49 Achilles/foot lock escape
50 Knee on belly escape

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Dru Yoga in Leuven en Kessel-Lo 

Voor al diegene die meer over de Yoga van mijn mama willen weten, ze heeft nu haar eigen site:

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So you wanna be a UFC fighter ? 

Ga eens een kijkje nemen op ga naar athletes en kies ufc before and after...

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Working the half-shin-guard 


  • From closed guard to shin-guard
  • From sidecontrol to shin-guard
  • From mount to shin-guard
  • From shin-guard to half-shin-guard


  • When he pushes into you
  • When he pushes your knee to inside
  • When he hugs you (go back to closed guard)


  • Going to the back
  • Mother of the half-guard sweep (against wizzer)
  • Wim sweep trapping the foot
  • Ankle pull near foot
  • Rollup over the top
  • Rollup into taking the back on other side
  • Rollup into ankle pull sweep


  • Triangle choke after ankle pull
  • Armbar against wizzer

Felipe Guard

  • Felipe guard sweep
  • Pull wrist bridge into sweep
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MMA en Mixfight regels in Beglie 

Na lange discussies beginnen de regels ook in Belgie een beetje een juiste vorm te krijgen. Eindelijk is er een N klasse en worden er nu ook stoten naar het aangezicht tijdens grondgevecht toegelaten in de B klasse (2x5min). Het allerbelangrijkste is echter het verwijderen van de rope-escape, woohoo. De A klasse blijft 3x5 min. Met dank aan Benny en Wim om dit eindelijk op orde te brengen.


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BJJ Graduaties in de Benelux 

Naar aanleiding van een oude post op heb ik hier een lijst met de hogere gordels overgenomen. Indien je aanvulling of extra informatie wenst toe te voegen, stuur het me dan even op mail. Enkel echte beneluxers natuurlijk, geen tijdelijke geimporteerde species :)

Zwarte Band
Juan Grizzo (Ze Marcello)
Matthieu Peeters (Yamasaki Nederland)
Remco Pardoel (Pardoel Sports)

Bruine Band
Bart Demaesschalck (Bad Boys JJ)
Benoit Zenthner (Sequana)
Farid BenOmar (Team Agua)
Jessie Gibbs (Team Agua)
Harold Harder (Rickson Gracie Nederland)
Joao Carneiro (Team Agua)
Karim Orlandini (Ze Marcello)
Ken Van Gilbergen (Exit-BJJ)
Lionel Cornelis (Ze Marcello)
Marijke Vleeschouwers (Bad Boys JJ)
Remco Rettob (Yamasaki Nederland)
Said Chaabi (Behring)
Saki Petsetas (Ze Marcello)
Willem Peeters (Yamasaki Nederland)

Paarse Band
Alex Ramirez (Team Agua)
Arben Zumbultas (Ze Marcello)
Arbi Muradov (Exit-BJJ)
Bart Creemers (Bad Boys JJ)
Bert Blancke (Ze Marcello)
Brice Migliorini (Ze Marcello)
Bruno Ferari (Ze Marcello)
Christophe Deferme (Exit-BJJ)
Frans van Casteren (Pardoel Sports)
Frederik Spets (Bad Boys JJ)
Gabriel Lothar (Exit-BJJ)
Hans Stringer (Yamasaki Nederland)
Jasper vd Gaag (Team Agua)
Jochem Branderhorst (Pardoel Sports)
Jordy Peute (Pardoel Sports)
Jouke van Riel (Team Agua)
Lionel Cornelis (Ze Marcello)
Maurice Goffart (Exit-BJJ)
Maxim Leijdekker (Rickson Gracie Purmerend)
Michel Goffart (Exit-BJJ)
Reginald Flint (Ze Marcello)
Remco Van Baardewijk (Team Agua)
Saki Petsetas (Ze Marcello)
Simeon Rutges (Team Agua)
Thomas Zenthner (Sequana)
Vidal Serradilla (Yamasaki Nederland)
Wim Deputter (Exit-BJJ)
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Charles Darwin Loves Mixed Martial Arts 

Charles Darwin created the theory of natural selection.

In most sports, the goal is relatively simple: get the ball to a certain point on the field and stop the other team from doing the same. Even in boxing, both fighters are looking for the knockout or the decision. The paths to achieve these goals in any competition may vary and may be complex, but the each team will forever be aware of what the other team is ultimately trying to accomplish.

Unlike football or basketball, a victory can come in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in a variety of ways, from a knockout, or a submission, or a cut, or a decision, or a referee stoppage. With a more open-ended environment, fighters can specialize, developing strategies and skills that suit their preferences and circumstances. In Origin of Species, Charles Darwin postulated that creatures are forever perfecting their ability to occupy a niche by constantly adapting, adjusting, and strengthening their survival strategies. The modern MMA fighter is undergoing the exact same process.

Today, a striker sprawling to defend takedowns and avoiding submissions on the ground is not uncommon. Yet, in the first Ultimate Fighting Championship boxers and kick boxers alike had no answer for the ground game, quickly falling victim to superior positioning and grappling technique. For a stand-up fighter to continue specializing in striking in an MMA environment, he had to adapt.

The consequences of a boxer learning to defend the ground game resonate far beyond any single fight and make up the core of what makes Mixed Martial Arts such a gripping sport: every fighter is evolving and improving, raising the bar at an almost unfathomable rate. Though the sport is in a constant state of fluidity, we can use Darwin’s ideas to better understand where the sport has been and use that knowledge to predict where it is going.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu, the grappling art that dominated strikers both in and out of the cage, was developed as a response to size and brute strength. Rather than risk being punched, a Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioner seeks to initiate a clinch, execute a takedown, and apply a submission. This strategy was developed as a response to the dominance of striking power often seen in street fights. Essentially, striking sparked an evolution in grappling. Later, the superiority of grappling inspired an evolution in striking. This process is known to naturalists as co-evolution: two species continually competing against each other perpetually adapt to each other’s adaptations, allowing them to evolve indefinitely.

Recently, fighters known primarily for their grappling ability, like Spencer Fisher and Matt Serra, have displayed surprisingly effective striking skills. It would seem that the grapplers have begun to adapt yet again. With grapplers learning striking and strikers learning grappling one might mistakenly think that every fighter is progressing towards a uniform skill set. Fighters are feverishly training every aspect of the game, yes, but as long as they remain human they will have preferences, which mean unique styles. The old distinction of grappler and striker may disappear, but that’s only because they have evolved into new species all together.

Evolution is what makes MMA the most exciting sport in the world. If fighters and their skills were static, the sport would stagnate. The continual advancement of skills and strategy makes every fight a new experience, an exploration into uncharted territory. A fight is truly survival of the fittest, and with so many talented athletes vying to be the top of the food chain, we are guaranteed an infinite amount of spectacular matches no matter what direction evolution takes.

Charles Darwin Loves Mixed Martial Arts - Marshal Carper -

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BJJ als zelfverdediging 

Braziliaanse Jiu-Jitsu is de eenvoudigste en effectiefste manier om zelfverdediging te leren.

Met Braziliaanse Jiu-Jitsu leer je op grond vechten. In het leven eindigen gevechten meestal op de grond. Met Braziliaanse Jiu-Jitsu leer je de vaardigheden om het gevecht te winnen.

Zelfverdediging is een must, iedereen komt vroeg of laat wel eens in een agressie-situatie.

Als je aan zelfverdediging door middel van Braziliaanse Jiu-Jitsu wil doen, kan je dit bij ons in een ontspannen en toffe sfeer doen.

Speciaal voor de dames, in teken van "Ladies at the Movies", houden we deze woensdag 10 oktober een initiatie cursus en dit in de SportOase (Philipssite 6, 3001 Leuven) vanaf 20u

Tot dan,

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Ramadan en sporten 

De ramadan, het is de negende maand van de islamitische kalender en daarin mag tussen zonsopgang en zonsondergang niet worden gegeten en gedronken. Er zijn meerdere genoegens die moslims zich dan moeten onthouden, maar eten en vooral drinken lijken niet zo goed te combineren met intensief sporten. Hoewel ik zelf niet echt snap waarom iemand aan het vasten gaat. Hier toch enkele tips voor al deze die er toch voor kiezen...

Even benadrukken dat als je de ramadan strikt wil opvolgen, je eigenlijk ook je normale eetpatroon na zonsondergang niet mag wijzigen.

Het vasten is jullie voorgeschreven, zoals het degenen die voor jullie waren was voorgeschreven, opdat jullie godsvrezend zullen zijn. (Soerat al-Baqarah: 183) Het doel van het vasten is dus godsvrezendheid (Taqwah) en niet slechts het onthouden van voedsel, drank en geslachtsgemeenschap. De Profeet (vrede zij met hem) zei: “Wie leugens en vulgaire taal en het handelen ernaar niet laat, hoeft van Allah ook zijn eten en drinken niet te laten.” (al-Boechari)

Eender hoe, start alvast met je kennis sportvoeding bij te schaven op : Gezond sporten en voeding

Je kan als volgt te werk gaan :

  • heel vroeg in de ochtend een flinke maaltijd:
       soep (zout), veel pasta met groente en vlees, een zoet nagerecht en veel drinken erbij
  • kan ook eitjes, volkoren brood, havermout en mixed-proteïne shakeje zijn, om zo lang mogelijk aanvoer van eiwitten te hebben
  • beetje extra BCAA's erbij nemen
  • drink vlak voor het licht wordt 500 cc dorstlesser
  • een ochtendtraining houd je best heel technisch
  • eind van de middag kan je een laagintensieve training van 1 uur doen
  • probeer binnen 1 uur na deze training te eten ( bijvoorbeeld een maaltijd als in de ochtend) en drinken (minimaal 1 liter water)
  • voor velen zal hun vaste training spijtig genoeg pas na deze eerste maaltijd liggen en is het dus niet zo eenvoudig
  • laat op de avond nog een kleinere maaltijd bestaande uit volkorenbrood met vleeswaren of kaas, een salade en fruit. Ook hierbij veel drinken.

Blijf ik me natuurlijk afvragen of het oorspronkelijke doel : voedsel besparen en dan aan de armen schenken was ?

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