50 Essential oils aka The foundation

by Ken Van Gilbergen aka Wolverine

While travelling a lot I see that more and more people are starting their brazilian jiu-jitsu game with, what I would call, exotic moves. I am still convinced that even today with all the knowledge ready on the internet, plenty of beginning fighters do not spend enough time on a solid foundation. Therefor I decided to list here the 50 essential techniques everyone should master. Even when in the end we know that it is all about proper hip movement. Check the list and fill your gaps. Today.


1 Jumping guard
2 Double-leg takedown
3 Sprawl


4 Breaking posture
5 Elbow hug sweep -> Kimura
6 Scissor sweep -> Triangle choke of Arbi-bar
7 Pendelum sweep -> Armbar
8 Collar choke
Extras: Brabo choke, Double underhook into rib squeeze, Omoplata

Guard passing

9 Standing up
10 Opening the legs and keeping the hooks out
11 Torienda pass
12 Double underhook pass
13 Shin slide pass
14 Arm weave pass


15 Retention
16 Americana
17 Armbar
18 Collar choke
19 Ezekiel
20 Transition to back

Mount escape

21 Posture
22 Umpa
23 Elbow escape variations


24 Transition to mount
25 Ken-choke -> Near armbar
26 Lapel-choke -> Napoleon choke
27 Far armbar

Sidecontrol escape

28 Turn to knees
29 Goto half-guard

Turtle bottom

30 Sit back in guard -> Sitting guard sweep
31 Gramby roll
32 Turtle top
33 Spin to side and pull into backguard
34 Lasso control -> Mata leao
35 Clock choke


36 Transition to full-guard
37 Wim-sweep
38 Half-mount
39 Passing with the underhook and tripod
40 Christopheke


41 Collar choke
42 Mata leao
43 Ezekiel
44 Back defense
45 Home alone and seal control
46 Escape through heaven
47 Turn to knees into head hunt

Other escapes

48 Keza-gatame escape
49 Achilles/foot lock escape
50 Knee on belly escape

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50 Essential oils aka The foundation

woensdag, maart 7, 2012 Stijn
Interessant. Van de weinige lessen die ik kon volgen (druk lesroosters), lijken ze vaak de meer exotische aan bod te laten komen om de leerlingen te blijven boeien. Elbow hug sweep into Kimura is wel een leuke! Ik volg je blog vanaf nu regelmatiger!
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