Salsa Leuven Basic Moves

Basic step
Side step (when left leg steps right arm forward)
Open break
On line spin step
Turn 90deg step
Diamond step
X steps forward
X steps backward
Diagonal step shoulders
Ds hips
Ds knees
Ds swipe leg out

Woman turn turn on 3 one hand
Woman turn turn on 3 two hand
Pizza right to peekabo on one to cross step
Pizza left to peekabo slide on five
Hand drop flicks
Sombrero after double hand spin
Splitted sombrero
Embrace after double hand spin into closed cross
Man turn on 1 (right side turn)
Man Pizza left turn on 7

Cross step in line
Cross step in line with block
Cross step with womens turn
Cross step with mens turn
Cross step into women drop

Reverse step in line change places = Left backstep + woman turn + cross step
Reverse step one hand catch the back = Left backstep + woman turn + block back and come back
Reverse step two hands = Left backstep + woman turn + hold hands so come back
Reverse step into walking tunnel into mambo into counter balance (hit back of head counterbalance)
Reverse step into hammerlock/over shoulder/over head

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