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101 Weapons For Women, A Unique Concept In Women's Self Defense
  by Rodney R.Rice (Jo)
  ISBN 0-9632402-1-8

116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques (Yip Man)
  by Master Yip Chun (Js)

Advanced Wing Chun
  by William Cheung (Jo)

Bruce Lee Vol 1, Words of The Dragon
  by John Little (Ke)
  ISBN 0-8048-3133-5

Bruce Lee Vol 2, The Tao of Gung Fu
  by John Little (Ke)
  ISBN 0-8048-3110-6

Bruce Lee Vol 3, Jeet Kune Do
  by John Little (Ke)
  ISBN 0-8048-3132-7

Bruce Lee Vol 4, The Art Of Expressing The Human Body
  by John Little (Ke)
  ISBN 0-8048-3129-7

Bruce Lee Vol 5, Letters Of The Dragon
  by John Little (Ke)
  ISBN 0-8048-3111-4

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Self-Defense Techniques
  by Bruce Lee and M.Uyehara (Jo)
  ISBN 0-89750-050-4

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Basic Training
  by Bruce Lee and M.Uyehara (Jo)
  ISBN 0-89750-051-2

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Skill In Techniques
  by Bruce Lee and M.Uyehara (Jo)
  ISBN 0-89750-052-0

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Advanced Techniques
  by Bruce Lee and M.Uyehara (Jo)

Chinese Gung Fu, The Philosophical Art Of Self Defense
  by Bruce Lee (Mi)

Creatine, Nature's Muscle Builder
  by Ray Sahelian and Dave Tuttle (Ke)
  ISBN 0-89529-777-9

Fitness Through Aerobics And Step Training
  by Karen S. Mazzeo (Ke)
  ISBN 0-89582-253-9

Floor Fighting, Stompings, Maimings, And Other Things To Avoid When ...
  by Marc"Animal"MacYoung (Jo)
  ISBN 0-87364-716-5

Grappling Master Combat For Street Defense And Competition
  by Gene LeBell (Be)
  ISBN 0-9615126-2-8

Initiation a la Lutte (frans)
  by Ballery and Zoete (BiSp)

Jeet Kune Do Its Concepts And Philosophies
  by Paul Vunak (Ke)
  ISBN 0-86568-149-X

Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing
  by Chris Kent and Tim Tackett (Jo)

Jiu Jitsu Do
  by Wim Boersma and Mario den Edel (Ke)
  ISBN 90-389-0354-5

  by F.M.Van Haesendonck (Di)

Judo 100 Keer Kantelen
  by Roel Van Alff (Ke)
  ISBN 90-389-0353-7

Judo Stap Voor Stap
  by Wil Lüschen (Ke)
  ISBN 90-215-2725-1

  by F.M.Van Haesendonck (Ke)
  ISBN 90-02-19771-3

Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do The Textbook
  by Chris Kent and Tim Tackett (Ke)
  ISBN 0-938676-09-1

Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do Pressure-Points
  by Vince Morris (Ku)

Kodokan Katame Waza Indeling
  by E.Veulemans (Di)
  (achteraan in Grappling Master)

Kung-Fu History, Philosophy and Technique
  by David Chow and Richard Spangler (Ke)
  ISBN 0-86568-011-6

Martial Arts of the Orient
  by Peter Lewis
  ISBN 0-8317-5804-X

Moderne Massage, Technieken, Babymassage, Sensuele Massage, Aromatherapie
  by Clare Maxwell-Hudson (Ke)
  ISBN 90-215-1424-9

Muay-Thai, Thai Boxing
  by T.R.Harinck (Ke)
  ISBN 90-6676-114-8

Nunchaku Training, Techniek, Taktiek
  by Ronald Van Berkel and Henk Negrijn (Be)
  ISBN 90-6120-664-2

Sambo (japans)
  by Koga Victor 1986 and Satoru Sayama (Ke)
  ISBN 4-583-02564-5

Sambo der kraftvolle, russische Kampfsport (duits)
  by C.Menzinger (Andrejew, Tschumakow) (Ke)
  ISBN 3-87892-024-5

  by Prof.G.Visser

  by Elaine Liechti (Ke)
  ISBN 90-215-2259-4

Shooting, The Technical Shooting Fight (japans)
  by Satoru Sayama (Ke)
  ISBN 4-06-202711-9

Shooto Training Guide Volume 1
  by Yorinaga Nakamura (Ke)
  ISBN 0-9633592-2-3

Small-circle Jujitsu
  by Wally Jay (Ke)
  ISBN 0-89750-122-5

Tao Of Jeet Kune Do
  by Bruce Lee (Ke)
  ISBN 0-89750-048-2

The Balisong Manual
  by Jeff Imada (Jo)
  ISBN 0-938676-04-0

The Dictionary Of Martial Arts
  by Emil Farkas and John Corcoran (Ke)
  ISBN 1-85648-002-X

The Fighter's Notebook
  by Kirik Jennes & David Roy (Ke)

The Filipino Martial Arts
  by Dan Inosanto (Jo & Be)
  ISBN 0-938676-01-6

The Making of Enter The Dragon
  by Robert Clouse (Ke)
  ISBN 0-86568-098-1

The Philippines, Eskrima Kali Arnis
  by Dionisio A.Canete (Jo)

The Secrets Of Judo
  by Jiichi Watanabe and Lindy Avakian (Ke)
  ISBN 0-8048-1631-X

The Zen Of Kenpo
  by Ed Parker (Ke)
  ISBN 0910293-10-4

Ultimate Fitness
  by David Luna (Ke)
  ISBN 0-915677-38-5

Voel je goed, voel je beter
  ISBN 90-274-9042-2

Wing Chun Kung-Fu, Chinese Art Of Self-Defense
  by J.Yimm Lee (Be & Js)

Wing Chun Kung-Fu / Jeet Kune Do A Comparison Vol. 1
  by William Cheung and Ted Wong (Ke)
  ISBN 0-89750-124-1

Zen In The Martial Arts
  by Joe Hyams (Ke)
  ISBN 0-553-27559-3

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