Private Class

Maybe you want some personal guidance on your way into the martial arts or you need coaching for a competition. I can offer you this possibility to give you training behind closed doors.

PTPs - Personal Training Programs

Thanks to the success of my private classes, I compiled some intensive courses that will speed up your martial arts learning curve incredible. Your invited to come over to our gym or I could come over to your place, so you can train in the comfort of your own home.

All the personal training programs include the following :

  • At least ten hours of private instruction
  • Outline of the program to help you take notes
  • Three complimentary group classes
  • Certificate of Completion
Optional features :
  • Video tape of your progress
  • Training partner we bring over for you
  • T-Shirt (depending on the course)
Available PTPs in detail :
  • Reality and Self-Defense VS Martial Arts and Sports
  • Boxing, Kick and Thaiboxing
  • Groundfighting (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Vale Tudo and Freefight (Advanced)
  • Original Shoot Wresting (Nakamura Branch)
  • Weapons (Stick fighting; Knive fighting)
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