Ranges in Fighting

Human beings possess natural weapons, such as elbows and knees, and have devised many other weapons that are even more efficient. Each type of weapon is particularly suited for use at a certain distance from the opponent. These distances have been broken down into the ranges of combat. The ranges are important to know so that you can be sure that you are practicing in each range. It should also be clear that there is overlap in these ranges. Just because a spear was designed for throwing from 100 feet does not mean that it is ineffective at a range of I foot. A gun has it's greatest advantage at a distance, but it is actually more deadly at close range.
We will start at the closest range and work our way out to the greatest distances. The opponent will be standing for now, but these ranges apply regardless of posture. For the measurement of each range, we will assume the opponent is close to your height.

Empty Hand Ranges

Grappling Range
This is where you can reach you palm around to the back of your opponent’s head. At this range, everything goes. From locking, to kicking, to head butts, to rifle butt strikes, grappling range has it all. Some systems, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, prefer this range because it is where "all guns fire". This is the range where most head butts, elbow strikes, locks and chokes occur.

Trapping / Throwing Range
This is where, with an outstretched arm, your palm can cover your opponent’s ear. This is slightly outside of grappling range. This is where most trapping and standing locking occurs.

Punching Range
This is where, with an outstretched arm, your palm can touch your opponent’s nose. This is slightly outside of trapping range. This is where most straight punches and long hooks are thrown from.

Kicking range
This is where, with an outstretched arm, your fingers can’t quite touch your opponent’s nose. This is slightly outside of punching range. Most kicks that use the foot as a weapon are thrown from here. (kicking with the shin can cur can occur in trapping and punching range.)

Weaponry Ranges

This is just outside of kicking range. No empty hand tools work here, so we have to use implements which we call weapons. For clarity, let it be known that technically, a weapon is an implement that was specifically designed for combat. Other implements such as umbrella are actually tools that can be used for defense. Also be aware that short weapons, such as the knife of pocket stick, must be used inside the empty hand ranges. The three weaponry ranges are:

Hand Wielded Weapons Range

Throwing Weapons Range

Projectile Weapons Range

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