Why do we celebrate new year?

Yesterday I had so much fun watching people attend the yearly mass hysteria of new year’s eve. Females running around like lost Christmas turkeys, just to get their hairs done in time for the big dinner. Not that I mind females taking care of their hairs, it is ludicrous to see how everyone is walking in one big induced hypnotic sleep from Christmas till New Year.

It is quite mysterious to see how we kept some of the Pagan traditions for celebrating the last harvest and entering the ‘dark’ season. Unfortunately not all rituals have stand the test of time. Since the introduction of the mono-god we prefer Santa Claus to bring some gifts, instead of having one big orgy around a tree in the woods. (okay, the perfect Belgian weather is not helping either) It seems that, except for some swingers and polyamorists, sharing of vaginas and penises is a bridge to far.

Anyway, all of this made me realize that all our lives we are acting out on a lot of preconditioned programming that is actually not so good for us. We are working to collect more and more money and do not realize that it has no value whatsoever.

Imagine that 2012 really is the last year and that on 21 of December some huge rock hits the earth and it is all gone. How will you feel in the weeks before, when we do know it is going to be the end. Will you start behaving like the scenes we have all seen in Contagion, Armageddon and Deep Impact. Or will you regret spending most of your time collecting something that didn’t have any real value?

I decided to travel the world and learn what is for me of value. Things like learning how to cook, playing a musical instrument, talking to older people and asking them about their visions of life. And in the same time I will try to share as much of it as possible.

So, the big question for 2012 is: "What is valuable for you?"

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Why do we celebrate new year?

zaterdag, januari 7, 2012 Ken
I like your answer.

Why do we celebrate new year?

vrijdag, januari 6, 2012 Felipe Costa
The answer is friendship :)
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