Beleuvenissen 2012 

Dat begint goed, juist terug van Slovakije en hier komen we aan in Belgie. Regen, wind en jawel vlaamse zangers op vrijdag avond. Geweldig. Onbeslist

Kzal toch maar even proberen een wandelingske naar het stad te maken. Je kan me vinden at Paul Severs of Sam Gooris... weet nog niet waar... moeilijk kiezen. En verder bij alle bullshit eten bars van de oude markt, zodat ik er maandag terug kan invliegen met gezonder eten en trainen. 


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Lego tentoonstelling in Slovakije 

Iedere dag rond de 42graden in Slovakije, besluiten we om één dag door te brengen aan het zwembad en tada... 30min later... regen, onweer, of belgisch weer Tong uitsteken Onmogelijk om er uit weg te geraken en we brengen dan ook bijna twee uur door onder een afdak. Waarna we gelukkiglijk kunnen vluchten naar het shoppingcenter dat op 15min stappen van het zwembad ligt. Voor de rest enkel bergen en bomen... niet zo ideaal als je in een storm zit. 

In het winkelcentrum aangekomen, blijkt er een Lego tentoonstelling te zijn. Pure nostalgie...

Lego London bridge zijde aanzicht.Taj Mahal in Lego

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Braziliaanse Jiu-Jitsu in Krakow 

Heb juist een week les gegeven bij Grappling Krakow. Een toffe club met elke dag minstens twee trainingen. De lessen zijn er opgedeeld volgens het niveau van de leerlingen en gi/no-gi.

Het meest boeiende voor me, was het feit dat ze heel veel lange vechters hebben (vooral lange benen) en dit als hogere gordels... het was frustrerend om te zien hoe kort mijn armen echt zijn. Daarbij kwam nog eens dan velen hele goede De La Riva en zelfs Berimbolo sweeps hebben... iets dat ik dacht typisch voor kleinere vechters te zijn... tja... blijkbaar niet. (ze hebben de techniek wel een beetje aangepast)

Eender hoe, leuke sfeer... ga er zeker eens trainen als je in de buurt bent.

Mat nummer een in KrakowGebouw van Grappling Krakow

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Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Poland, Krakow 

I just finished a week of training and teaching at Grapping Krakow. It is a very nice school that has every day two grappling trainings. Classes are splitted up between student levels and go/no-gi. 

The most interesting part for me, was the fact that they have a lot of tall (read as people with long legs) higher belts and it was frustrating to see how short my arms really are. Furthermore, many of these guys are good with De La Riva and even berimbolo sweeps... something I considered only useful for small fighters... well... guess not. (although they change the way they apply it a bit)

Anyway, nice atmosphere... go train there when you are in the neighborhood.

Entrance Grappling KrakowMaciek & Irena

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Positief MMA artikel in de Gazet van Antwerpen 

Artikel over MMA in Gazet van Antwerpen

"Het eerste dat je verliest met deze sport, is je ego"

"De beste vechters zijn intelligente mensen"

"Na vier minuten zit je al dood"

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Ken - Kenneth 

From the Gaelic 'cainnech' meaning born of fire. A defender of people. The first with ideas. Blessed with powerful instincts. Respected by all, envied by many. Every woman's desire.

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BJJ and MMA in Malta 

When I first start checking around for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in Malta, all I could find were mainly Kung-Fu, Karate or other traditional martial arts schools. When talking to people, I realized that the common knowledge about BJJ is in Malta comparable with what we experienced some years ago in Belgium. Most of older people thinks that fighting sports are about karate while younger believe that the toughest martial arts are kick- or Thai boxing.

Somehow it seems that the whole mixed martial arts revolution still didn't kick in. I started surfing the net looking for some BJJ schools in Malta. Soon I found the club of Keith Darmanin. He comes from a classical jiu-jitsu and being into judo for some time, decided to open his own BJJ school in Malta. Furthermore, he and his students joined the European Championships for some years and did really well.

Time for me to go over and train there a bit. As usual BJJ served as an instant friends glue. People with different backgrounds and different ages all train together in a nice atmosphere. Not long ago I wrote about how many schools neglect the basics of BJJ, which is not the case here. Good basic on guard retention and rolling. A pattern is emerging. It seems that small schools have a tendency to "grow" their students simultaneously and emphases the basics much more than in big schools, where the higher belts spend their time mainly with the higher belts and neglect the beginners and sometimes even the intermediate students.

Somehow Keith reminded me so much about myself. I have been there, starting a school from scratch, with almost no publicity or knowledge of the general population about it. Having to be there every single class to keep people motivated. It can be hard sometimes, but it is also very rewarding. Every time I am in Belgium walking in the school I built, I am truly impressed. Not only the mat is full of people training jiu-jitsu, but many of them became really good at it. Every of my old students has his own style and some of them became better competitors than I used to be. Amazing.

Here you can find more about BJJ in Malta :

Malta BJJ

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50 Essential oils aka The foundation 

by Ken Van Gilbergen aka Wolverine

While travelling a lot I see that more and more people are starting their brazilian jiu-jitsu game with, what I would call, exotic moves. I am still convinced that even today with all the knowledge ready on the internet, plenty of beginning fighters do not spend enough time on a solid foundation. Therefor I decided to list here the 50 essential techniques everyone should master. Even when in the end we know that it is all about proper hip movement. Check the list and fill your gaps. Today.


1 Jumping guard
2 Double-leg takedown
3 Sprawl


4 Breaking posture
5 Elbow hug sweep -> Kimura
6 Scissor sweep -> Triangle choke of Arbi-bar
7 Pendelum sweep -> Armbar
8 Collar choke
Extras: Brabo choke, Double underhook into rib squeeze, Omoplata

Guard passing

9 Standing up
10 Opening the legs and keeping the hooks out
11 Torienda pass
12 Double underhook pass
13 Shin slide pass
14 Arm weave pass


15 Retention
16 Americana
17 Armbar
18 Collar choke
19 Ezekiel
20 Transition to back

Mount escape

21 Posture
22 Umpa
23 Elbow escape variations


24 Transition to mount
25 Ken-choke -> Near armbar
26 Lapel-choke -> Napoleon choke
27 Far armbar

Sidecontrol escape

28 Turn to knees
29 Goto half-guard

Turtle bottom

30 Sit back in guard -> Sitting guard sweep
31 Gramby roll
32 Turtle top
33 Spin to side and pull into backguard
34 Lasso control -> Mata leao
35 Clock choke


36 Transition to full-guard
37 Wim-sweep
38 Half-mount
39 Passing with the underhook and tripod
40 Christopheke


41 Collar choke
42 Mata leao
43 Ezekiel
44 Back defense
45 Home alone and seal control
46 Escape through heaven
47 Turn to knees into head hunt

Other escapes

48 Keza-gatame escape
49 Achilles/foot lock escape
50 Knee on belly escape

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Dru Yoga in Leuven en Kessel-Lo 

Voor al diegene die meer over de Yoga van mijn mama willen weten, ze heeft nu haar eigen site:

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Why do we celebrate new year? 

Yesterday I had so much fun watching people attend the yearly mass hysteria of new year’s eve. Females running around like lost Christmas turkeys, just to get their hairs done in time for the big dinner. Not that I mind females taking care of their hairs, it is ludicrous to see how everyone is walking in one big induced hypnotic sleep from Christmas till New Year.

It is quite mysterious to see how we kept some of the Pagan traditions for celebrating the last harvest and entering the ‘dark’ season. Unfortunately not all rituals have stand the test of time. Since the introduction of the mono-god we prefer Santa Claus to bring some gifts, instead of having one big orgy around a tree in the woods. (okay, the perfect Belgian weather is not helping either) It seems that, except for some swingers and polyamorists, sharing of vaginas and penises is a bridge to far.

Anyway, all of this made me realize that all our lives we are acting out on a lot of preconditioned programming that is actually not so good for us. We are working to collect more and more money and do not realize that it has no value whatsoever.

Imagine that 2012 really is the last year and that on 21 of December some huge rock hits the earth and it is all gone. How will you feel in the weeks before, when we do know it is going to be the end. Will you start behaving like the scenes we have all seen in Contagion, Armageddon and Deep Impact. Or will you regret spending most of your time collecting something that didn’t have any real value?

I decided to travel the world and learn what is for me of value. Things like learning how to cook, playing a musical instrument, talking to older people and asking them about their visions of life. And in the same time I will try to share as much of it as possible.

So, the big question for 2012 is: "What is valuable for you?"

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