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donderdag, mei 24, 2018 Categories: About Me

Since for years the disclaimer of this site has been awesome, you can find the newly very borring real gdpr disclaimer here.

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Kenya Ken 

dinsdag, januari 12, 2016 Categories: About Me

After years of trying to setup a martial arts business and another multiple years of suffering in the ict business.

I finally found my soul.

Today the first version of my very own coffee was launched...

I present you "Kenya Ken" ... of ken je ken voor de vlamingen.


Picture of kenya ken coffee

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Ken - Kenneth 

dinsdag, mei 15, 2012 Categories: About Me

From the Gaelic 'cainnech' meaning born of fire. A defender of people. The first with ideas. Blessed with powerful instincts. Respected by all, envied by many. Every woman's desire.

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BJJ and MMA in Malta 

dinsdag, april 24, 2012 Categories: About Me BJJ Grappling Malta Notities

When I first start checking around for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools in Malta, all I could find were mainly Kung-Fu, Karate or other traditional martial arts schools. When talking to people, I realized that the common knowledge about BJJ is in Malta comparable with what we experienced some years ago in Belgium. Most of older people thinks that fighting sports are about karate while younger believe that the toughest martial arts are kick- or Thai boxing.

Somehow it seems that the whole mixed martial arts revolution still didn't kick in. I started surfing the net looking for some BJJ schools in Malta. Soon I found the club of Keith Darmanin. He comes from a classical jiu-jitsu and being into judo for some time, decided to open his own BJJ school in Malta. Furthermore, he and his students joined the European Championships for some years and did really well.

Time for me to go over and train there a bit. As usual BJJ served as an instant friends glue. People with different backgrounds and different ages all train together in a nice atmosphere. Not long ago I wrote about how many schools neglect the basics of BJJ, which is not the case here. Good basic on guard retention and rolling. A pattern is emerging. It seems that small schools have a tendency to "grow" their students simultaneously and emphases the basics much more than in big schools, where the higher belts spend their time mainly with the higher belts and neglect the beginners and sometimes even the intermediate students.

Somehow Keith reminded me so much about myself. I have been there, starting a school from scratch, with almost no publicity or knowledge of the general population about it. Having to be there every single class to keep people motivated. It can be hard sometimes, but it is also very rewarding. Every time I am in Belgium walking in the school I built, I am truly impressed. Not only the mat is full of people training jiu-jitsu, but many of them became really good at it. Every of my old students has his own style and some of them became better competitors than I used to be. Amazing.

Here you can find more about BJJ in Malta :

Malta BJJ

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Yesterday, after mor... 

zaterdag, oktober 1, 2011 Categories: About Me Facebook

Yesterday, after more then 13 years of training I received my black belt brazilian jiu-jitsu. It feels like an amazing reward for all the hard work and dedication. I learned a lot from different people being it instructors or students. So, a big thanks to all the people who ever trained with me, especially Felipe for sharing all the knowledge while listening to my endless questions and Wim for the thousands hours of rolling and keeping the school alive in times where it was difficult for me. Let the journey begin...

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You demonstrated a l... 

maandag, augustus 29, 2011 Categories: About Me Facebook

You demonstrated a lot of technique for someone I apparently corrupted.

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Off to Ibiza... 

dinsdag, juli 26, 2011 Categories: About Me Facebook

Off to Ibiza...

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And this is what hap... 

dinsdag, juli 12, 2011 Categories: About Me Facebook

And this is what happens with timers when there is no coach on the mats.

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I did it again :( I ... 

vrijdag, juni 17, 2011 Categories: About Me Facebook

I did it again :( I left all my food on the bus. Bye apple, bye yohurt, bye chicken, bye box and bye hard boiled egg.

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